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17dec(dec 17)9:00 am18(dec 18)4:00 pmThe 11th Islamic Conference of Culture MinistersToward the Development of Current Cultural Policies in the Islamic World

02oct(oct 2)10:00 am03(oct 3)5:00 pmThe 8th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers

09may(may 9)10:00 am10(may 10)6:00 pmThe 3rd Extraordinary Session of ISESCO General Conference

28nov(nov 28)10:00 am29(nov 29)5:00 pmThe Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers

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Now is the time for ICESCO to enter a new pivotal phase in its history, to become an international beacon in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, through building outstanding leadership in the Islamic world, promoting the Islamic world’s developmental policies and knowledge and innovation systems, and providing technical expertise and institutional support to Muslim countries.






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