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Rabat: 14/01/2019

ISESCO condemns the Israeli scheme to destroy an archeological site in an Arab town north of Al-Quds 

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) condemned the scheme of the Israeli occupation authorities to destroy a 1200-year-old archeological site in an Arab town north of Al-Quds with a view to building a “logistic center” for ‘Modi’inIllit’ settlement.

The site originally discovered by Israeli archaeologists wasa prosperous town from the early Islamic period. They unearthed luxurious homes decorated with mosaics and arches, plastered water cisterns, oil presses and glass workshops dating back to almost a thousand years ago.

In this connection, ISESCO stated that this criminal schemeis a destruction of the Palestinian civilizational heritage, an attack on its historic memory and a disregard for the international conventions and declarations relevant to civilizational heritage.

ISESCO also called upon the international organizations, particularly UNESCO, to intervene so as toprevent this criminal act and protect the Palestinian heritage being damaged by the Israeli occupation authorities.

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