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Rabat: 18/02/2019

ISESCO to hold a seminar on promoting communication with Muslim youth to protect them against religious extremism, in Brussels

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in coordination with the European Development and Research Academy (EDARA), will hold a seminar on “Promoting communication with Muslim youth to protect them against religious extremism” on 21-23 February 2019 at Press Club Brussels Europe, Belgium.

This seminar is part of ISESCO’s efforts to pay attention to the conditions of Muslim youth outside the Islamic world, activate the mechanisms of communication and dialogue with them so as to entrench citizenship values and raise their awareness of the legal risks of fanaticism, zealotry, extremism and terrorism.

Moreover, the seminar aims at discussing Muslim youth’s problems in Belgium and identifying the necessary mechanisms to address them, particularly stereotypes against the Other and cybercrimes. It also seeks to discuss ways to protect youth against fanaticism and zealotry; teach them the values of dialogue, peace, as well as good and productive citizenship; and promote their role in activating coexistence with the Other under the principles of law, equity, justice and mutual respect.

The seminar’s programme includes a number of topics and matters relevant to four axes: extremism-related cybercrimes from the perspective of international law, roles of social media networks in promoting cultural diversity, challenges and obstacles facing Muslim youth in Belgium and ways to address them, and the role of Muslim youth in Belgium in promoting dialogue and coexistence with the Other.

The seminar will bring together youth active in civil society organizations in Belgium; teachers and researchers interested in issues of youth integration in Belgium; and experts in new media and cybercrimes technologies.

ISESCO will be represented in this seminar by Dr El-Mahjoub Bensaid, Supervisor of the Center of Information and Communication, who will supervise the seminar’s organizational and academic aspects.



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