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Rabat: 22/02/2019

At the 27th Anniversary of Khojaly massacre in Azerbaijan ISESCO Director General calls upon the international community to force Armenia to withdraw from the occupied Azerbaijani province

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Khojaly genocide, which amounts to  a crime against humanity,  perpetrated by the Republic of Armenia in the town of Khojaly in the Aerbaijani occupied Karabakh, Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), called upon the international community to condemn this hatred and racism-motivated heinous crime saying that the atrocities and crimes against humanity which occurred in the First World War happened again in 1992 in the town of Khojaly and in all the villages and towns of the Karabakh province which is still occupied by the Republic of Armenia.

In his appeal, ISESCO Director General said that the offensive of the Armenian military units, supported by the 366th Russian motorized infantry regiment, in the night of 26 February 1992 against Khojaly, cruelly massacring its Azerbaijani population, targeted the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. He qualified it as a horrific crime against humanity that surpasses in horror and cruelty the atrocities perpetrated by Fascism in the Second World War. He reaffirmed that the massacre was one of the genocide crimes that happened in the last decade of the twentieth century.

Dr Altwaijri pointed out that the silence of the United Nations and the Security Council on the persistent Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani Karabakh province, despite the four resolutions taken by the Security Council which all call on Armenia to immediately withdraw from the occupied province, entirely contradicts the rules of international law, the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of human rights and the moral values preached by monotheist religions.

ISESCO Director General made an appeal to the international community to act swiftly to force Armenia to withdraw immediately from the Azerbaijani territories it occupies to protect world peace and security.

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