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Rabat: 09/04/2019

Agreement between ISESCO and Granada Editions signed

Yesterday evening at the headquarters of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), a supplementary agreement was signed between ISESCO and Granada Editions. The agreement was signed for ISESCO by its Director General, Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, and for Granada Editions by its Director, Mr. Tarak Makhlouf.

The agreement provides for cooperation between the two parties in implementing the project of “Educational training and digital publishing of interactive educational materials in the fields of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers”.

The project aims to provide people seeking to learn Arabic in non-Arabic speaking Member States and Muslim institutions outside the Islamic World with opportunities of free access to interactive, digital and educational materials with high educational and technological quality. Other objectives of the project also include developing the approaches, curricula and tools of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers based on the latest methodologies in the field of teaching living languages for non-native speakers; promoting the values of peace, understanding, coexistence and dialogue through teaching and spreading Arabic among followers of other religions and cultures; training skillful teachers to teach Arabic for non-Arabic speakers based on latest scientific methods; supporting digital and educational publication of Arabic language materials on the internet using the most effective approaches and methods,  and the latest technological innovations; and training trainers in the field of teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

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