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Rabat: 19/04/2019

The Fifth Meeting of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment concludes its proceedings at the Senior environment experts level

Today evening, at the headquarters of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the Fifth Meeting of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment concluded its proceedings at the senior environment experts level. The meeting was held by ISESCO and the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The experts taking part in the meeting adopted the reports and projects that will be submitted to the Fifth Meeting of the Islamic Executive Bureau for the Environment at the ministerial level, which will be held on 20 April 2019. The documents included the Report of the Director General on ISESCO’s Efforts in the Fields of Environment and Sustainable Development since the 7th Session of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers; the Guidance Document on Strengthening the Role of Youth and Civil Society in the Protection of the Environment and Achievement of Sustainable Development; and the Project of the Establishment of the Islamic Network for Environmental Action and Sustainable Development. Likewise, the experts adopted the Progress Report on the Creation of the Islamic Academy for the Environment and Sustainable Development; the Report on the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management in the Islamic World”; the Report on the Programme of the Celebration of the Environmentally Friendly Islamic Capitals; ISESCO Report on the Executive Work Plan for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Member States; and the preparation for the Eighth Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers.

The participating experts also recommended that the Draft Strategy for the Activation of the Roles of Cultural and Religious Factors in Protecting the Environment and Achieving Sustainable Development in the Islamic World be revised and enriched with the observations of the Executive Bureau members, and sent back to them in its amended version for opinion and adoption, prior to its submission to the Eighth Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers (October 2019).


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