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Rabat: 17/05/2019

King of Morocco Congratulates Dr. Salim bin Mohammed Almalik on his appointment as ISESCO Director General

Today, Dr. Salim bin Mohammed Almalik received a message of congratulation from His Majesty King Mohamed VI of Morocco on his appointment as Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). In this message, His Majesty extended his sincere congratulations and deepest wishes to ISESCO new Director General for total success in his noble functions, expressing his certainty that, with the appreciation and confidence he gained from the Organization’s Member States, he will not spare any effort to give a fresh impetus to ISESCO’s action and contribute with every commitment and efficiency to attain its desired lofty objectives.

His Majesty reaffirmed to Dr. Almalek “the unwavering support and constant desire of the Kingdom of Morocco to contribute to ISESCO’s efforts to enable it to continue its civilizational mission of protecting the Islamic identity and advancing joint Islamic action in the various fields of education, knowledge and culture.”

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