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Rabat: 02/07/2019

In a bid to promote the status of Arabic in non-Arabic speaking countries: ISESCO to host national workshop on university-level Arabic language teaching in Kano, Nigeria

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and National Commission forISESCO in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in collaboration with Bayero University in Kano, will hold a “National Workshop on University-level Arabic Language Teaching” in Kano, Nigeria, on 8-11 July 2019.

The workshop is part of ISESCO’s efforts, under its ongoing 2019-2021 Action Plan, to develop Arab educational programmes and to activate its role in education, culture and development in non-Arabic-speaking Member States. The workshop aims to achieve a set of practical results, notably: exchanging experiences and transferring expertise in the field of teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in Nigerian universities; developing participants’ knowledge and building their capacities in the scientific planning and methodological preparation of their courses, the assessment of student performance, and the correction of deficiencies. The workshop also aims at developing participants’ educational competencies in the teaching of the Arabic-related subjects; opening new prospects for participants to capitalize on modern tools to develop their educational and pedagogical performance; and facilitating extracurricular self-learning activities.

Twenty-five educational officials and Arabic teachers from various regions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will attend the workshop. Over four days, speeches and teacher training presentations will be delivered on five main topics, namely “Educational challenges and methodological, knowledge and cultural problems facing people working in the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in Nigerian universities”; “Planning Arabic language lessons for non-Arabic speakers;” “Impact of modern pedagogical tools on developing teacher performance and academic outputs and on facilitating extracurricular self-learning activities” and “Development of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing;” and “Assessment of the level of achievement in Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.”

Two educationaal experts in Arabic language curricula for non-Arabic speakers will oversee the educational and training activities. ISESCO will be represented at the workshop by Secretary General of theNational Commission for ISESCO in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Ibrahim Muhammad Bashir.

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