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Rabat: 24/07/2019

ISESCO Director General and Secretary General of League of Mohammedia Scholars agree on strategic partnership in education, information and culture

Dr. Ahmed Abbadi, Secretary General of League of Mohammedia Scholars in the Kingdom of Morocco, today morning at his office, received Dr. Salim Mohammed AlMalik, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), accompanied by his Cultural Advisor, Dr. Abdelilah Benarafa; Dr. ElMahjoub Bensaid, Supervisor of the Center of Information and Communication; and Mr. Adel Bouraoui, Supervisor of the Directorate of Education.

During this meeting, the two parties explored ways to establish a strategic, comprehensive and integrated partnership that focuses on practical field initiatives between ISESCO and the League in the fields of common interest, including the networking of the Islamic world universities in order to share expertise, conduct studies and research works in major scientific fields, promote cultural mediation to strengthen the values of citizenship and social integration. These initiatives also aims at countering the speech of zealotry and extremism, disseminating the tolerant values of Islam and respect for the values of moderation and middle stance, promoting human coexistence, paying attention to youth and protect them from the threats of extremist content on social media, defending the civil and religious rights of Muslim minorities around the world, training Imams and religious preachers on the values of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence, and discussing the ethical, legal and moral dimensions of sciences and artificial intelligence.

Besides, Dr. Abbadi and Dr. AlMalik agreed to sustain consultations as part of a joint committee to develop an executive action plan based on the perspectives and visions of the two institutions in the fields and issues discussed during the meeting.

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