ICESCO pays tribute to its female staff members on International Women’s Day
March 9, 2020 0

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), at its headquarters in Rabat, held a special ceremony in observance of the International Women’s Day, which was attended by Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, ICESCO Director General, and all ICESCO staff members. During this ceremony, the Organization paid tribute to its female staff members who were presented with commemorative gifts.

On this occasion, ICESCO Director General gave an address wherein he congratulated all women, reaffirming that women assume major exclusive roles. He pointed out that ICESCO adopts women empowerment in its new vision, a principle tangibly applied by the General Directorate as a number of women assume leading positions at the Organization. In the same vein, Dr. AlMalik underlined that the new Personnel Regulations, which entered in force in February 2020, following its adoption by the Executive Council, guarantees more rights and gains to female staff members.

Moreover, ICESCO Director General promised that the Organization will sustain its efforts to encourage women in Member States to be creative and innovative in all its areas of competence, namely education, science, culture or communication. He further explained that these efforts can take the form of projects and programmes likely to build women’s capacities, guarantee their rights to education, and prepare them for taking on leading positions in different job sectors in fulfillment of the principle of equality and in a bid to disseminate concepts based on sound social and cultural values and providing all forms of support to women to ensure their success. The Director General also called on the countries of the Islamic world to exert more commitment to issues of gender equality and implementing laws and policies that preserve women’s dignity and effectively protect them against human rights violations.

At the close of the ceremony, the Director General took a group photo with all female ICESCO staff members.

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