New Cooperation Prospects between ICESCO and Huawei
December 29, 2020 0

Dr. Salim M. AlMalik, Director-General (DG) of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), and Mr. Cui Ping, DG of Huawei Technologies Co. – Morocco, signed on Monday, December 28, 2020, at the Organization’s headquarters, a grant agreement, which consists of 200 tablets for sustaining distance education in some schools in Morocco.

The ceremony brought together ICESCO’s heads and directors of sectors and centers, Mr. Chu Yuan, Assistant DG of Huawei Technologies Co. – Morocco, as well as Ms. Chaymae Salhi, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs Officer at Huawei.

During the ceremony, Dr. AlMalik stressed ICESCO’s keenness to promote cooperation and partnership with civil society institutions in the Member States within the framework of its new vision and action strategy.

“ICESCO seeks to support its Member States to develop technology and innovation. I am delighted to collaborate with Huawei Technologies, which is one of the major technology companies,” he added.

Dr. AlMalik stated that modern technologies are the key to overcome the current and future challenges facing the world while pointing out that the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the importance of technology, particularly in the field of distance education.

Mr. Cui Ping said that Huawei is proud of its cooperation with ICESCO, which includes 54 Member States. “Huawei pays special attention to its projects and programs implemented based on social responsibility, particularly in the fields of education, training, and students’ welfare in various countries, including Morocco,” he stressed.

Mr. Cui Ping noted that Huawei has been operating in Morocco for 20 years, during which the company implemented several projects and programs in various regions of Morocco. The company also launched student-welfare programs for thousands of students, some of whom received training in Huawei’s headquarters in China. “Huawei Technologies – Morocco will make every effort to ensure the success of its cooperation with ICESCO,” he stressed.

Huawei then screened its institutional film, which tells its 20-year-old story in Morocco.

The two parties agreed to hold a meeting to explore their future cooperation, particularly students training and scholarships as well as ICESCO’s programs for 2021, which the Organization dedicates to women.

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