ICESCO Takes Part in European Commission Foresight Talks
October 15, 2021 0

The ICESCO Center of Strategic Foresight took part in the European Commission’s lecture series “Foresight Talks” during which Dr. Kais Hammami, Head of the Center, gave a lecture, today, Thursday, October 14, 2021, via videoconference, on “Islam and Foresight: The Idea of Foresight in Islamic Culture.”

Dr. Hammami’s lecture addressed the importance of the concepts of time and future in the Islamic culture and provided a linguistic, conceptual, and ideological analysis of the role of the foresight concept in the Arab-Islamic culture as reflected in the Arabic language’s richness in terms related to vigilance, anticipation, and foresight. He added that such a role is also embodied in the Islamic world’s cultural approach to strategic studies, as well as in the interest that various Arab and Muslim philosophers accord to this field.

The ICESCO official stated that the ICESCO’s Center of Strategic Foresight is cooperating with research centers across the globe as part of the Organization’s vision to promote the culture of foresight in its Member States and support their efforts to achieve sustainable development, address the challenges of modern society, and exchange knowledge among various centers and experts.

The “Foresight Talks” lecture series brings together several experts in the field of strategic foresight and the development of policies and mechanisms that encourage its implementation.

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