Capacity Building

In most Islamic world countries, weak capacities constitute one of the major hurdles to inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development.
At ICESCO, we are convinced that development is not attainable without strong and committed actors who can lead the change dynamics. Therefore, we make of human capital development a key constituent of all our projects.


ICESCO is actively engaged in the regional and international cultural debate and substantially contributes to global thinking on subjects of mutual interest, following a method that combine diversity and rapprochement. Our ambition is to participate, through our activity areas, in the evolution of ideas, positions and edification of a new world order on the foundations of development models which are more humanistic, fairer, equitable, smart, responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

Institutional Expertise & Support

Thanks to our experience accumulated from 38 years of action in the fields of education, science, culture and communication and our acknowledged experience in strategic forecasting and planning in these fields, we support Islamic world countries to develop their sector-specific strategies, national policies and plans, while ensuring their compliance with development requirements.

Production & Dissemination of Knowledge

Because the future is being built today, ICESCO is thinking of tomorrow’s world. We produce and share knowledge and promote multidisciplinary and constructive academic research that tackles main future issues. This is how we anticipate world mutations and paradigm changes and imagine possible futures for education, science, culture and communication and their impact on individuals, societies and organizations.


The success of any innovation strategy hinges on the organized and efficient sharing of knowledge. Knowledge communities can play a considerable role to this effect. At ICESCO, we act in favor of the emergence and proliferation of these communities and assist Islamic world countries in the creation of specialized networks, exchange and mobility programmes, and the management of the transfer and appropriation of knowledge, skills and technologies.

Support to Innovation

Weak investments in R&D and the shaky national innovation systems impede the transition of the majority of Islamic world countries towards knowledge society.
To speed up this transition, necessary for an inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development that goes beyond our innovation aid mechanisms (prizes, financial support, grants…), we will work actively in tandem with Member States to develop permanent support mechanisms which combine scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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