The protection of the Environment and the sustainable Management of Natural Resources plays a crucial role in the well-being of the people and in Sustainable Development Achievement in the Islamic world. However, human activities as well as population and urban growth have serious effects on the Environment. Moreover, the effects of Climate Change and Natural Disasters contribute to the weakening of ecosystems and degradation of the Natural Resources, with severe repercussions on Economic and Social development. Indeed, Referring to UNDP report, there is no country that is not experiencing the drastic effects of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are more than 50 percent higher than in 1990. The annual average economic losses from climate-related disasters are in the hundreds of billions of dollars.
As part of its new vision and strategy, ISESCO will focus on these issues, taking into account the urgent needs of the Islamic world to overcome the challenges enforced by Climate Change impacts and the deficiency in the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Indeed, ISESCO will engage several measures to support member states in setting-up actions on Water Security, in addressing Climate Change, tackling Natural disasters risks and in encouraging innovative Green solutions applications and transfer. To this end, Eco-innovative concepts and Technologies will be promoted, institutions capacities will be strengthened at the technical and policy levels, awareness will be raised, Youth, Women and Civil society commitment will be empowered and research work and cooperation between different member countries will be enhanced.
Furthermore, The ISESCO’s interventions will be more focused on Result-Oriented Plans by developing comprehensive projects and avoiding isolated activities. The priority will be given to the specific geographical areas, mainly the African continent, which are in dire need and requires immediate attention, and where the real impacts of the projects can be achieved. This will directly contribute in transforming and ameliorating situation of the populations and the environment and contributing not only to Goal 13 but also to the other SDGs in efficient ways.
Taking into consideration all this issues, this project will be divided in three main components:
1-Enhancing Climate Changes Adaptation and Water security in the African Continent;
2-Promoting Modern Technologies and innovative tools for Natural Disasters Management and Reduction in the Islamic World;
3-Fostering Eco-Innovation and Green Technology Transfer in the African Continent.



Target Area

Member States


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