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The sector of education plays a leading role in developing educational policies and coordinating joint Islamic educational action. It also contributes to anchoring the principles of solidarity and cooperation among Member States; and has a set of plans and projects aiming at addressing the standing educational challenges in Muslim countries. Against this backdrop, the sector of education at ICESCO aspires to become a reference point for the ministries of education in the Islamic world, in a way that supports their efforts at the national, regional and international levels, in concert with the commitments and plans of the international community and in application of the standard of quality and qualitative added value in determining its interventions.
ISESCO’s educational sector also seeks to create strategic and forward-looking visions entailed by the nature of the upcoming major challenges and their direct repercussions on education; and devise plans by drawing on the expertise of senior international experts and educational planners and major institutions of strategic educational planning. Likewise, it endeavors to be actively present within the circles of educational decision makers in Member States in order to take sound reforming decisions and improve policies, hence providing various services and programmes that meet Member States’ needs in addressing quality and competitiveness challenges, and fostering regional and international partnership with parallel institutions.

Projects & Achievements

Strategic Options

Based on the stakes, challenges and perspectives for sectoral evolution of the education sector in our Member States



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    Islamic Education, Arabic Language and Muslim People’s Languages

  • 02

    Education For all, Literacy and Adult Education

  • 03

    Planning and Educational Technology

  • 04

    Educational System, Societal Issues And Sustainable Development

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    Higher Education




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