Preserving dignity and human rights

Constructing integrated and inclusive societies

The Directorate of Human and Social Sciences seeks to be the bridge to build a better Islamic World and a civilizational knowledge system whose development is people-driven, relying on the potential of people, especially its women and youth, and caring for children. The Directorate’s priorities will be to develop high-quality work programmes based on good international research works and expertise,  understand the Islamic World issues, its transformations, challenges and impact namely economic, food and health security; human, civil, economic and social rights; dignity and socioeconomic inclusion.

The multisectoral approach will be used to implement the Directorate of Human and Social Sciences plan of action through cross-departmental collaboration and decentralized approach. The Human and social Sciences Directorate will contribute to provide the expertise and knowledge management for designing ICESCO operations that require human and social interventions.


Research & analysis

-We promote knowledge production, learning and sharing, coordination and synergy between research institutions and ICESCO regional educational centers, in fields related to social transformation in the Islamic world, including issues on disparities, exclusion, gender-based violence, immigration and refugee, identity enclosure, extremism and islamophobia.

-We provide expertise to develop new and innovative mechanisms for human development and social sciences.

-We Work hand in hand with young male and female champion researchers, civil societies organizations, governments and key research centers.

-We conduct field research and studies on major social and human issues with direct impact on development and social peace in the Muslim world and forward practical and innovative solutions to address them.

-We Provide data and documents in order to design adequate national policies to address social issues.

Human development & social empowerment

-We Work in hand in hand with ICESCO directorates, centers, member states, communities, in collaboration with institutions and other partners to achieve substantial changes and improve systems.

-We enhance sectorial policies and programs for social protection and resilience for vulnerable, disadvantaged and excluded people, displaced persons, refugees, migrants, people with special needs with a focus on adolescent.

- We Promote gender equality, communities empowerment, education and skills, better food nutrition and health security and strengthen social rights, youth entrepreneurship, inclusive socioeconomic development and the fight against climate change.

-We support member states to reach SDG’s, OIC Plan of action 2025 and African Union Agenda 2063 goals, reinforce local essential services, foster local capacity building, helping communities to become stronger and more resilient.

Peace, Security, Governance & Citizenship

-We encourage peace and universal respect for human rights by building bridges of understanding through intercultural and interreligious dialogue, good practices.

-We improve young people and women skills as critical agents for social change economic growth, development and innovation skills.

-We strengthen citizenship and coexistence.

-We improve/ strengthen Governance for social stability and cohesion.

Projects & Achievements

Strategic Options

Based on the stakes, challenges and perspectives for sectoral evolution of the human and social sciences sector in our Member States



Indicators and Statistics, Reports, Sector Analysis






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