Building effective, dynamic long-lasting partnerships,

strengthening global solidarity and mutual cooperation

The Sector of Partnerships and International Cooperation is responsible of initiating, monitoring and evaluating the programmes of partnership between ICESCO and the other governmental or non-governmental institutions. This mission constitutes a major part of the resource mobilization policy of the Organization, in addition to the annual contributions of the Member States.

The Sector is also incharge of facilitating exchange of expertise with academic bodies and building specialized networks in the fields of action of the Organization.

It provides regularly the other Sectors and Centers at ICESCO with relevant literature   and reference materials produced by Regional and International Organizations, as a source of inspiration and guidance. , to highlight the communalities with them and ease the preparation of joint projects and programs.

word from the sector director

Ms. Amira El Fadil

To strengthen partnership with institutions should be seen as a strategic approach to maintain a high quality of achievement and implementation, to ensure a strategic sustainability of resources and to increase the visibility of the Organization. Our efforts in this regard are above all directed towards a fair and positive interaction with the cooperating parties, and where ICESCO contributes with its excellence potentials and participates from its leadership position. While recognizing the crucial importance of partnership with the governmental institutions, a special attention should be, and is given to Civil Society actors and leaders particularly Youth and Women.
From this perspective, Cooperation can be considered as a vital added value and key reorientation factor to the Programmes and Projects of the other Sectors and Centers of ICESCO.

Functions of the Head of Sector

  • 01

    Follow up on the implementation of the Director General’s directives regarding the Organization’s external policy as well as its cooperation relations;

  • 02

    Prepare periodical reports on the Sector’s activities

  • 03

    Coordinate preparation of cooperation projects and programmes and follow up on their implementation with the relevant Sectors, centers and divisions at the Organization

  • 04

    Follow up on the financial matters relating to implemented cooperation activities, and coordinate the operations of financial compensation with the cooperating parties

  • 05

    Prepare for the meetings of joint committees as well as for coordination meetings with the cooperating parties

  • 06

    Draw up agreements and memorandums of understanding with the cooperating parties, in coordination with the Office of the Director General (Department of Legal Affairs)


Strategic Partnerships

We develop and implement strategic partnership policies, procedures, and provide guidance, support and implementation fellowship, including due diligence action to put ICESCO on the lead front of Development Parties in the Member States and Worldwide

Organizations and Institutions

We lead the negotiation, signing and monitoring of the partnership agreements, protocols and frameworks with our strategic partners, and advise on the adjustments, and opportunities to reinforce reputational and institutional linkages with Regional and International Organizations

Resource Mobilization

We direct and oversee the development and implementation of Resource Mobilization strategy, lead the mapping, researching, prospecting and securing of funding opportunities across all sectors, to diversify ICESCO’s financial support base, including non-traditional donors, the private sector and non-member-state partners



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