The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest among a long list of crises that have hit the world in our globalisation era, revealing our fragilities and the urgent need to rethink our societies. The multi-faceted crisis the world is faced with did reveal itself in various ways in the last decades, continuously sending us signals on the urgent necessity to take action and embark on a deep transformational process of our societies.
Whether at the social level, with the rise of inequalities and the multiple challenges to peace and security; at the economic level with the financial crises and widespread poverty; at the environmental level with climate change; or at the health level with the recurring outbreaks including COVID-19, our societies are undoubtedly at a critical juncture.
Throughout the history of humanity, crises have always represented critical junctures allowing to take the path of innovation and positive transformation that contributed to build resilience for the advent of better societies. The COVID-19 pandemic should be no exception.
Therefore, the Societies We Want Initiative is aimed at spreading knowledge and innovative programs that contribute to build healthy, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies.

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