Harnessing the results of scientific research and technological innovation

To serve the sustainable development issues

The Directorate of Science and Technology focusing on overcoming the challenges of the Islamic world, by promoting the adoption of modern technologies, acquisition or improvement of competences in new technologies at all levels, use of new tools and methods for knowledge based development and growth, fostering technology based economy, bridging the gender gap in science and technology, promoting sustainable natural resource management and environmental governance, and strengthening the resilience and preparedness for the natural disasters and climate change impacts. The Directorate engages national and international partners from academic communities, scientific institutions, governments, international organizations, national policy making bodies and civil society to address these challenges, and strengthen the solidarity among stakeholders by developing strong networks for engagement, collaboration and interaction to share expertise, techniques and tools.

Projects & Achievements

Strategic Options

Based on the stakes, challenges and perspectives for sectoral evolution of the Science technology and innovation sector in our Member States



Indicators and Statistics, Reports, Sector Analysis




  • 01

    Division of Science Policies Development and Scientific Research Promotion

  • 02

    Division of Technology Engineering

  • 03

    Division of Scientific and Technical Education

  • 04

    Division of Environment and Natural Resources

  • 05

    Division of Knowledge Transfer




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