We constantly reinvent our work climate and encourage our in-house employees to take initiatives, move off the beaten track and out of comfort zones, push the boundaries, explore new paths, overcome challenges, dare to make and practice change.


It is through daily work of creativity, innovation and adaptation that we lead change and build strong positions regionally and internationally.


Performing, constantly improving ourselves, listening to our stakeholders, being effective and efficient in all the actions we undertake, this is our concept of excellence.


Inform, dialogue, interact, self-assess, adjust: this is how we put our transparency policy into practice and build up, day after day, the relationship of trust and close cooperation that bind us to all our stakeholders.


All the initiatives, projects and programmes we implement are founded on the principles of responsibility and sustainability. This is how we promote inclusive and sustainable development.


Privileging the common interest, helping and relying each other, cultivating a strong sense of belonging, while respecting the rules, processes and means made available, this is our approach to a solidarity organization.


Because we are convinced that diversity creates wealth, we cultivate a plural, multicultural environment that respects others in their differences, beliefs and freedoms.

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