to be a sparkling model in the areas of education , sciences and culture


The construction of tomorrow's decision-makers, the sharing of expertise and institutional support, the optimization of development policies and systems of innovation and knowledge


1-Build the elites of the Islamic world
2-Develop capacities, skills and expertise related to sustainable development
3-Anchoring the culture of excellence and developing the quality approach
4-Promote research, innovation and entrepreneurship
5-Promote initiatives, exchange successful experiences and institutionalize good practices

6-Develop scientific, academic, professional and institutional networking
7-Promote universal human principles and fundamental rights
8-Promote intercultural and intercivilizational dialogue and anchor values of moderation and cohabitation
9-Use soft power to make known the real image of Islam and its civilizational contribution to humanity
10-Produce and disseminate knowledge and accompany global transformations and paradigm shifts
11-Strengthen collective action and win-win partnerships
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